![](https://box.kancloud.cn/04a6eef9ccdb0492af301ecd26eae121_791x291.png =230x) ### **Login** * * * * * **Description**: Log in to the server. **Usage**: Double-click the component to enter the Ameba login screen, and then register to log in (This is what needs to be done before cloud computing). :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/24330e6e6220cc968853d65f70b9e3db_450x230.png) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/e4b02da4ae3c710a7b52c2cd654a5733_450x230.png) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/9fcc5360a807e7cf6444fb64f04bfe22_378x409.png) **Output**: M: Some login information about ameba account. **Note**: If your rhino get a crash after click **Login** button, you can try to change the port. Just right-click the component and select other ports. If you still have any problems, please let us know through leave message on https://ameba.xieym.com/Manage/LeaveMessage