![](https://box.kancloud.cn/35628c378289806c3b9cdce1ae6af7c1_1671x851.png =230x) ### **AmebaMesh** * * * * * **Description**:   (If it is a two-dimensional calculation, the plane must be XY plane, the Z value of the coordinates of all the vertices of the plane must be 0) **Usage**: Set all the inputs, then right click on the battery and select Generate N_Mesh to mesh.There are three alternative method to generate meshes, and users don't need to distinguish the features of them (try the other two if one doesn't work). **Input**: Path: Define a directory to store project files. Name: Define a project name. Geo: Define an analysis area. Size: Divide the size of the grid. **Attention**: After setting**Path**, **Name**, **Geo**, **Size range** will appear, and **Size** can only be set to within the **Size range** below the component. **Output**: MeshFile: Connect Display, PreProcessing and Solver for data transmission. **Error Report and Solution**: [click me and jump to **Error Report and Solution**](https://www.kancloud.cn/woshiyaoyuan0318/ameba_en/1052541#AmebaMesh_16)