![](https://box.kancloud.cn/e0692c8c44e0c2a2872a81692587631a_1051x1251.png =230x) ### **Remesh** * * * * * **Description**: Reconstruct the mesh from arbitrary geometry using OpenVDB.It is able to be used for repairing non-manifold mesh since it works according to voxels. But sometimes it also generates some non-manifold edges. You should adjust "Size" and "Iso" to optimize mesh in this case. BTW: You can input arbitrary geometry in this component such as points, curves, surfaces, meshes or breps. There are some instantce as shown below. (1) Repair topology optimized results. :-: ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/f2/ff/f2ff294ce493e7e77accc2818ab6dc49_2524x766.png) (2) Create pipe mesh from curves. :-: ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/07/05/070579c5d3b956e342f93594d08f4da7_1441x623.png) (3) Remesh component combines all kinds of geometry into one mesh. :-: ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/f4/83/f4833eed4c561477b5e7f15e923a52c6_1518x510.png) **Input**: * Geometry: Input a geometry. * Radius: Supply one value or a list of values equal to the number of points or curves supplied. If you only input a mesh in 'Geometry', this parameter will be unvalid. * Size: Voxel size is the x, y, z dimensions of the individual voxels filling the volume. Think of this as the resolution of the volume. * Bandwidth: Bandwidth extends the available voxel field around your volume. Voxels within this band are set active, everything else is inactive. * Iso: Isovalue is the accuracy of the resulting mesh to the original value. it can be abstractly thought of as a positive or negative offset. * Adaptivity: Adaptivity sets the uniformity of mesh faces. Values can range from 0-1, with a value 0 being more equalized and dense. **Output**: * Mesh: Return remeshing mesh. **Thanks**: * Remesh is based developed on top of the OpenVDB library which is developed and maintained by DreamWorks Animation for use in special effects applications for feature film productions. For more information please visit: www.openvdb.org