### **MeshOpt** Tools for Mesh Optimization. * * * * * [![](https://box.kancloud.cn/8a89ea7f253e754e2466c6b0b9c213bd_1591x451.png =230x)](Rebuild2D.md) [**Rebuild2D**](Rebuild2D.md) This component has the ability to reconstructe the mesh calculated by Ameba2D into a Trimmed surface. In most cases, it is used for repairing 2d topology optimization results. * * * * * [![](https://box.kancloud.cn/e0692c8c44e0c2a2872a81692587631a_1051x1251.png =230x)](Remesh3.md) [**Remesh**](Remesh3.md) Reconstruct the mesh from arbitrary geometry using OpenVDB.It is able to be used for repairing non-manifold mesh since it works according to voxels. But sometimes it also generates some non-manifold edges. You should adjust "Size" and "Iso" to optimize mesh in this case. * * * * * [![](https://box.kancloud.cn/80bb1426fc87523b4cdc929486b8e4df_1159x1249.png =230x)](QuadMesh.md) [**QuadMesh**](QuadMesh.md) This component has the ability to create pure quad meshes from closed geometry using InstantMeshes and Quadriflow. To get started, please right-click the component and click "Solve". If you wanna stop it, you can select "Stop" to kill the process. * * * * * [![](https://img.kancloud.cn/ff/db/ffdba13767a7351a00879a708785e4c3_1121x1130.png =230x)](TriMesh.md) [**TriMesh**](TriMesh.md) This component has the ability to create pure triangle meshes from arbitrary meshes using InstantMeshes and pmp-library. It offers three algorithms which are used for opened meshes and closed meshes respectively. * * * * * [![](https://img.kancloud.cn/9e/93/9e93b3ede8cd0d65bf2364a88c2fb653_1041x641.png =230x)](CPMesh.md) [**CPMesh**](CPMesh.md) CP mesh (Circle Packing Mesh) developed to rationalize freeform surfaces in architecture and design originally, a CP mesh is a triangle mesh whose incircles form a packing. * * * * *