![](https://box.kancloud.cn/2ed94e358d231f035b83bcce71a0ac47_1141x451.png =230x) ### **Solver** * * * * * **Description**: Start cloud computing. **Usage**: The default server is **"Shanghai"**, if it is an overseas user, you can switch to **"Virginia"**. Connect all the inputs, then right click on the component, select **Display calculation window**, open the server calculation window, press the window button **Start** to start the calculation, press **Stop** to stop the operation. **Hide**: Hide the window. **Last Result**: Automatically jump to the [AmebaStep](Step.md) component to the latest number of files returned. **Attention**: The new version is that the calculation feedback is calculated and returned in real time, so when the calculation converges to its own needs, you can press **Stop** to end it, instead of waiting for all calculations to complete like the old version. **Input**: MeshFile: Transfer the data from the [Mesh](Mesh1.md) component to this component . Key: dynamic password.