# Start a 3D optimization project [TOC=4] ## Calculation instructions: Three-dimensional calculation refers to carry out optimization calculation of a closed three-dimensional object, can be any closed three-dimensional entity. ## Matters need attention: **All 3D objects must be closed 3D geometry.** ## Example: All 3D calculations are done in the perspective view of Rhino。 ****** ### 1. Define a design domain A box represents a closed design domain. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/998c951d87286189e92cf26efe09206d_716x534.png =400x) ****** ### 2. Generate mesh Use the [**AmebaMesh**](mesh/Mesh.md) component to pick up the model, then right click on the component button **Generate N_Mesh**. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/3a89793360cdbf8372e09409976b2f10_620x213.png =400x) Wait for a while, if the component is still yellow or red, you can click the small tab in the upper right corner of the component to view the error information. Usually the mesh becomes white when the step completes (Attention: **Size** must be set within the **Size range**).It is noticed that there are three alternative method to generate meshes, and users don't need to distinguish the features of them (try the other two if one doesn't work). :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/49293e7b73297526bc9437f30c59b68f_1041x486.png =400x) After the success of dividing the mesh, we will see that the model is covered with blue mesh edges, and the top of the component shows how many mesh cells have been generated. ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/97ceb5231c5dd24b33bfb9387abe1366_1759x501.png =400x) #### If you encounter problems in this step, please click [Error Report and Solution](ErrorReportandSolution.md) ****** ### 3. Define the support The supports are defined at the red surface of the figure below. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/6084b5fd7c7f0fa213000b44646f9bbc_702x479.png =400x) The following figure defines the fixed support in the XYZ direction. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/bad841a0adeeb7fbf0b066908ec5cc6f_960x363.png =400x) ****** ### 4. Define the load Define the load at the blue point below. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/d1d42b98e20933d505ecb0bcf03a0bf5_717x500.png =400x) Define the point load in the Z-axis direction :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/4631788b28371fcbb1f4e73421c4c38f_705x278.png =400x) ****** ### 5. Define other parameters The volume fraction of this example is 20%, and all other parameters remain the default. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/ba4c011967a3ec2211585be619942573_876x805.png =400x) ****** ### 6. Computing services First of all, you are supposed to insure [**PreProcessing**](PreProcessing.md) component has revealed "**Written successfully!**" . Then users need to verify the license status by using [**Login**](Login.md) component. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/dc8ac857738eacc0c0e0d3a89f1112d7_1143x677.png =400x) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/bdb8e6d30bc9e0adcaf15f4a74b048c8_569x424.png =400x) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/53f237b9f32525f7c896fff94f20c80c_608x244.png =400x) Right-click [**Solve**](Solve.md) component and select "**Open the Solve Window**" to open the [**Solver Window**](Solver_Window.md) (or double-click this component). :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/36ea9548b323c24c8d2499d7f51662a0_820x360.png =600x) **Notes:** The key has just an hour of validity. But it can't be shut downwhen your project is under calculation. You need to regenerate it from Ameba's website. Click **Start** button and click **Show** button if you wanna review the results in real-time (you must connect [**Display**](Display.md) component before computing). And then, please wait a moment until the **Solver Information Panel** displays "The calculation has already started. Please wait patiently." Next, you can have a cup of coffee and wait about ten minutes(it depends on your mesh model, load case and internet speed). After completion, you can receive the result model using [**Display**](Display.md) component. #### You could click the [**Solver Window**](Solver_Window.md) and get more details. #### If you encounter problems in this step, please click [Error Report and Solution](ErrorReportandSolution.md) ****** ### 7. Visualize calculation results Access to the [**Display**](Display.md) and [**Step**](Step.md) component. In the above, the **Last Result** Button of the calculation window can directly adjust the [**Step**](Step.md) to the number of steps in the latest calculation. After the calculation is completed, you can click the **Last Result** Button to view the final calculation result. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/aac8baa4b76ad1cc39b4cb26d0256f27_1088x432.png =400x) As shown in the figure below, the result model of 3D topology optimization is obtained. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/f9e125e9bf5a55639d3a3259631cd6b2_773x532.png =400x) ****** ### 8. Post-processing of three-dimensional topology optimization Since the calculated mesh model is rough, it is difficult for designers to continue editing. We can use Ameba's [**MeshTools**](MeshTools.md) to post-process the model. Use [**Remesh**](Remesh3.md) and [**QuadMesh**](QuadMesh.md) or [**TriMesh**](TriMesh.md) to perform mesh reconstruction on a three-dimensional topology-optimized model. After the calculation is completed, a structured mesh model stacked by Mesh Box will be obtained. Due to the limitation of the **Free version**, this model may generate unsmooth edges, and the **MeshCount** parameter can only be input within 30. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/6062446dc6256eb3649dc287f5b3e40a_1993x614.png =400x) Finally, we access the [**AmebaSmooth**](AmebaSmooth.md) component to smooth the model to get a smooth and re-editable mesh model. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/89a1a553d02441e29f9187b3b593b380_978x374.png =400x) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/b784eb02121f9d4c3e56e3285d4313ee_736x575.png =400x)