### **Preparatory Work** First of all, you are supposed to insure [**PreProcessing**](PreProcessing.md) component has revealed "**Written successfully!**" . Then users need to verify the license status by using [**Login**](Login.md) component. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/dc8ac857738eacc0c0e0d3a89f1112d7_1143x677.png =400x) :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/bdb8e6d30bc9e0adcaf15f4a74b048c8_569x424.png =400x) **Notes:** - Users can register our account on [**ameba.xieym.com**](https://ameba.xieym.com) and learn about our license information. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/cded0fd0191ecd332fc1f06b6654b6e6_1238x612.png =600x) - The login information will be automatically reserved for 24h. You will need to log in again every time if you restart Rhinoceros (but you do not need to enter an account or password). - Unless you manually click **Stop** to stop the calculation, the calculation will keep run whether the login expiration period expires or Rhinoceros is closed. ***** ### **How to start it** :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/53f237b9f32525f7c896fff94f20c80c_608x244.png =400x) The one way is right-click [**Solve**](Solve.md) component and select "**Open the Solve Window**". You can also double-click this component. After operations, Solver Window will be opened. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/36ea9548b323c24c8d2499d7f51662a0_820x360.png) Then, you are supposed to select a server, China Shanghai or US.Virginia, and click **Start** button. Please wait a moment until the **Solver Information Panel** displays "The calculation has started. Please wait patiently." Next, you can have a cup of coffee and wait about ten minutes(depends on your mesh model, load case and internet speed). After completion, you can review the result model using [**Display**](Display.md) component. ***** ### **Window Introduction** The Solve Window **1. Title:** The title of the information panel. You can get the version number from it. **2. Solver Information Panel:** It will display some informations for account, the file transfer status, calculation process and error reporting. **3. Broken Line Graph:** A broken line graph which is about the Volume fraction,Total energy and Iterations. The Volume fraction will be reduced to your appointed value according to [**OptParameters**](OptParameters.md) component. The Total energy means the gross strain energy. The more stable this parameter is, the easier calculation result converges. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/e8611ce710f68fda8d165ee1b726dc2a_820x360.png) **4. Buttons:** * **Start:** Start to solving. Once the calculation is started, a counter will appear to monitor if the server connection is normal. If the counter stoped for a long time, there is a problem with the server connection. * **Stop:** Shut down the solving process. * **Show:** If you click this button, it will turn into "Auto" and show solving process model in real-time. **5. Offline Mode (Under Development):** * **Offline:** Start to calculate offline. Even if your computer has shut down, solving process is still continue. It is being developed at the moment. * **Receive Files:** This function is used to receive the returned files in offline mode. It is being developed at the moment. :-: ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/50de4b09266b83fa347d67a178cdd078_820x360.png) *****