![](https://img.kancloud.cn/3f/2b/3f2b875c6ee594b8e99bd224f7545472_971x441.png =230x) ### **Skeleton3d** * * * * * :-: ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/cf/1d/cf1ddbdf704b515f23bf9379900e86ec_962x616.png =400x) **Description**: Extract the skeleton from a 3D mesh using CGAL. Skeletons are effective shape abstractions used in segmentation, shape matching, reconstruction, virtual navigation, etc. As the name implies, a curve skeleton is a graph of curvilinear structures (1D). It is not a medial axis that for a 3D geometry is composed of surfaces (2D). As illustrated in example, the curve skeleton of a shape captures its essential topology. **Input**: Geometry: Input a Geometry. **Output**: Skeleton: Output all the edges of the skeleton. Verterbrae: Output skeleton points and the corresponding surface points.