![](../images/Mesh1.png =230x) ### **Mesh3DFromMesh** * * * * * **Description**: Tetrahedral meshing of closed mesh. **Usage**: The default path is "My Documents", and the name and surface are set at the same time. The **Size** range will appear in the lower part of the component. This range is recommended (not required to be within this range), because the **Size** may be too small. Rhino.exe crashes. **Input**: Path: Define a directory to store project files. Name: Define a project name. Brep: Input a 3d closed brep model to define an design domain. Angle: Size: Divide the size of the grid. **Attention**: After setting**Path**, **Name**, **Mesh**, **Size range** will appear, and **Size** can only be set to within the **Size range** below the component. **Output**: MeshFile: Connect Display, PreProcessing and Solver for data transmission. **Error Report and Solution**: [click me and jump to **Error Report and Solution**](https://www.kancloud.cn/woshiyaoyuan0318/ameba_en/1052541#AmebaMesh_16)