Some restaurants have multiple floors, can not display in a plan, how to support multiple floors? 1.Open the POS system program folder Page in the directory ,Is usually D:\COOLROID\Agile\Page A copy of the **IDD_2_FLOOR. Ini** ,Renamed **DYN_1_FLOOR. Ini** ![]( 2.Restart the Douchscreen Designer,Can see DYN_1_FLOOR in the drop-down list ![]( 3.Choose IDD_2_FLOOR,Add a jump to the second floor button, attributes are as follows Functional block choose **IDC_NEXTPAGE** ,Parameters to fill **10** ![]( ![]( 4.Choose DYN_1_FLOOR,Add a jump to The first floor button,attributes are as follows Functional block in **5002** ![]( ![]( Save and restart the POS PUD,can jump between two floors ![](