## Cashier Shift 1. When it is time for cashier shift, click "Manager Func" in table page. ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/5e/26/5e26f89e08f9bd445438fefb5d1159fe_1024x788.png) * * * * * 2. Click "Shift", a sales review will pop up, make sure all the checks are settled and click “OK” to set the shift. ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/63/46/63460dca3011b2924b4e17aa6d636107_1024x788.png) ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/2f/8c/2f8c7453bbd82bdfb2b8384d13477a60_1024x788.png) * * * * * ## End of Day We suggest you to do End of Day in order to help have a better view of daily sales. Click "Manager Func" in table page, and click "End of Day". Make sure all the checks are paid and click “OK” to finish end of day. ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/00/19/0019b1a0d71bfc2be41f56ccc7b3b7f6_1024x788.png) ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/1c/0d/1c0d0877aa42e0e9f28df892b4f8969c_1024x788.png)