## Open a Table * Login Pudding Orders, double click a table, and input the number of guests. * * * * * ## Order * The ordering interface is as below. ![![](https://box.kancloud.cn/2016-04-20_57174bfa2c9c3.PNG)](images/screenshot_1617240129465.png) * * * * * * The left section in blank contains the menu items that you've ordered, and the middle is major groups for menu items. * Click a major group to show secondary group, and click a secondary group to show specific items. ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/2016-04-20_57174bfa73c89.PNG) * * * * * * Choose the items you want, and they'll be displayed on the left part. ![](https://img.kancloud.cn/5e/26/5e26f89e08f9bd445438fefb5d1159fe_1024x788.png) **Note**. * Choose an item that you've ordered by clicking it. * Delete and modify the item by clicking "Delete" or buttons on the bottom. eg. if you want to change the price to "40", just click "Price" and input "40". * * * * * ## Send * Click "Send" on the top of the page, the order will be sent to kitchen, and the kitchen printer will print the order.