Run **Pudding Configurator** ———— **Restaurant** ———— **Tax Settings** to set tax. ## Primary Tax **Primary Tax** is charged automatically for all menu items. You can set the tax rate and round type for it. ![]( * * * * * **Ratio Tax** 1. If you want to charge aother tax for certain menu items, run **Pudding Configurator** ———— **Restaurant** ———— **Tax Settings**. ![]( ![]( 2. Click "+ Tax Group" on the left bottom to add a tax group, name it "Tax 1", for instance. 3. Click "+ Tax" to add a tax solution, name it "Wine", for instance, and set the value for the ratio. If you want to charge 5% for this tax, just enter "0.05". 4. Save it and restart **Pudding Orders** to activate the modification.