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# LicheePi Zero ## LicheePi Zero Introduction LicheePi Zero(called Zero follow)is a tiny **Cortex-A7** CoreBoard/DevelopmentBoard,and it is suit for embeded linux learner or product development/production. Zero is a bit longer than SD-card(~**45x26mm**), but provide lot Peripherals(LCD,ETH,UART,SPI,I2C,PWM,SDIO...)and good performance(**24M~1.2G, 64MB DDR**)。 Zero is well designed in hardware, and it is easy to use: * breadboard-compatible * directly connect to 40P RGB LCD * use OTG to power and transmit data(virtual serial port, virtual ethernet) * stackable wifi module * SMT-compatible Zero provide **Mainline Linux** support and origin Camdriod (for DVR application)SDK, and you can use any program language on it. ## block diagram ![]( ![]( ![]( ## Hardware Data ### Hardware Parameter * CPU:Allwinner V3S, ARM Cortex-A7, **1.2GHz** max * Memory:**64MB DDR2** integrated * Storage: * SOP8 **SPI Flash** for boot (Reserved)(8~32MB SPI Nor Flash,128MB Nand Flash customizable); * **TF Card Slot** for boot. * Display: * General **40P RGB LCD** FPC, * Direct plug 40P 4.3/5/7 inch LCD(onboard backlight driver),plug 50P 7/9inch LCD via convert board. * support 272x480, 480x800,1024x600... * Onboard RTP chip, support touch screen * OnBoard **RGB LED** * Communication Interface * SDIO x2,(connect to SDIO WiFi+BT module) * SPI x1 * I2C x2 * UART x3 * 100M Ether x1(include EPHY) * OTG USB x1 * MIPI CSI x1 * Other Interface * PWM x2 * LRADC x1 * Speakerx2 + Mic x1 * Electrical Characteristics * Power Input: Micro USB 5V; 2.54mm pins 3.3V~5V; 1.27mm holes 3.3V~5V * Power Output: 3.3V and 3.0V(AVCC) * 1GHz linux IDLE run 90~100mA; cpu-burn run ~180mA * Storage Temperature -40~125℃,Operation Temperature -20~70℃ * Size: 44.6x25.5mm ### Sheet&Data NetDisk: Datasheet: SCH: PCB Lib: ### Pins Definition ![](