# SwooleDistributed High performance, high concurrency, PHP asynchronous distributed framework,power by ext-swoole Development communication QQ-group:569037921 ![](https://box.kancloud.cn/8c458cfdc609f0b5c17beb8a0a79bb85_454x454.png) Simple websocket case Chat room: https://github.com/tmtbe/SD-todpole Live Demo: The official website:http://sd.youwoxing.net Development document:http://docs.youwoxing.net Instructional video:http://v.qq.com/boke/gplay/337c9b150064b5e5bcfe344f11a106c5_m0i000801b66cfv.html ## Install You can install via composer Autoload must specify `app` and `test`. ``` { "require": { "tmtbe/swooledistributed":">2.0.0" }, "autoload": { "psr-4": { "app\\": "src/app", "test\\": "src/test" } } } ``` Then execute the following code in the root directory (the vendor higher directory) ``` php vendor/tmtbe/swooledistributed/src/Install.php ``` The server can be executed in the bin at the end of the installation. ## Advantage 1.High performance and high concurrency, asynchronous event driven 2.HttpClient, client, Mysql, Redis connection pooling 3.Timed task system 4.Coroutine Support 5.Using object pooling mode, optimizing memory allocation and GC 6.Many asynchronous clients, such as MQTT, AMQP, etc. 7.Support cluster deployment 8.User process management 9.Support multi port, multi protocol, automatic conversion between protocols 10.Micro service management based on Consul 11.Automatic discovery of cluster nodes based on Consul 12.Support pubish-subscribe mode ## Architecture diagram ### Class inheritance structure ![image](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tmtbe/SwooleDistributed/v2/screenshots/k1.png) ### Process structure ![image](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tmtbe/SwooleDistributed/v2/screenshots/k2.png) ### Cluster structure ![image](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tmtbe/SwooleDistributed/v2/screenshots/k3.png) ## Donation If you like the project, I hope you donate this project so that the project will get better development, Thank you. Alipay: ![image](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tmtbe/SwooleDistributed/v2/screenshots/pay.png)