Linux显示服务器完整的状态信息 ~~~ youhaidong@youhaidong-ThinkPad-Edge-E545:~$ apachectl [fullstatus] Usage: /usr/sbin/apache2 [-D name] [-d directory] [-f file] [-C "directive"] [-c "directive"] [-k start|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|stop] [-v] [-V] [-h] [-l] [-L] [-t] [-T] [-S] [-X] Options: -D name : define a name for use in <IfDefine name> directives -d directory : specify an alternate initial ServerRoot -f file : specify an alternate ServerConfigFile -C "directive" : process directive before reading config files -c "directive" : process directive after reading config files -e level : show startup errors of level (see LogLevel) -E file : log startup errors to file -v : show version number -V : show compile settings -h : list available command line options (this page) -l : list compiled in modules -L : list available configuration directives -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS : show parsed vhost settings -t -D DUMP_RUN_CFG : show parsed run settings -S : a synonym for -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS -D DUMP_RUN_CFG -t -D DUMP_MODULES : show all loaded modules -M : a synonym for -t -D DUMP_MODULES -t : run syntax check for config files -T : start without DocumentRoot(s) check -X : debug mode (only one worker, do not detach) Action '[fullstatus]' failed. The Apache error log may have more information. ~~~