[TOC] > 由于pear 版本不支持 php7 使用 github 的版本 > [https://github.com/longxinH/xhprof](https://github.com/longxinH/xhprof) ## 安装 1. 安装 ``` git clone https://github.com/longxinH/xhprof.git ./xhprof cd xhprof/extension/ /path/to/php7/bin/phpize ./configure --with-php-config=/path/to/php7/bin/php-config make && sudo make install sudo yum install -y graphviz ``` 2. 配置 ``` [xhprof] extension = xhprof.so xhprof.output_dir = /vagrant/xhprof/output ``` > 注意生成目录的权限问题 > 配置好后重启nginx 和php-fpm ## demo ``` xhprof_enable(); /*==================start index.php 文件==================*/ define('APPLICATION_PATH', dirname(__FILE__)); $application = new Yaf_Application( APPLICATION_PATH . "/conf/application.ini"); $application->bootstrap()->run(); /*==================end==================*/ $xhprof_data = xhprof_disable(); print_r($xhprof_data); include_once APPLICATION_PATH. "/application/library/ThirdParty/xhprof_lib/utils/xhprof_lib.php"; include_once APPLICATION_PATH. "/application/library/ThirdParty/xhprof_lib/utils/xhprof_runs.php"; // save raw data for this profiler run using default // implementation of iXHProfRuns. $xhprof_runs = new XHProfRuns_Default(); // save the run under a namespace "xhprof_foo" $run_id = $xhprof_runs->save_run($xhprof_data, "xhprof_foo"); echo "---------------\n". "Assuming you have set up the http based UI for \n". "XHProf at some address, you can view run at \n". "http://<xhprof-ui-address>/index.php?run=$run_id&source=xhprof_foo\n". "---------------\n"; ``` ## 显示性能文件 **需要把github 项目中的 `xhprof_html` 目录 和`xhprof_lib` 放到项目的根目录中** 此时生成的`xhprof_foo` 文件 可以通过`xhprof_html`访问到